Working Hard For You

My name is  Dave King, and I'm committed to excellence in education for Olentangy Local Schools. Like you, I want to play an active role in keeping our schools a source of community pride. Currently, I am an active board member and ask for your vote for re-election on November 5.


I am NOT interested in raising property taxes with levies. I believe that Olentangy Local Schools need:    


  • The proper balance of our taxes that continue to provide excellent education and return on investment
  • Appropriate student/teacher classroom ratio
  • To maintain strong property values
  • Retain and attract great teachers and staff
  • Ensure that extra-curriculars such as the arts and sports are indeed a part of the educational experience for your children 


I support continued excellence in our schools. We have worked hard throughout the years to achieve the excellent school system we have today and that is reflected by the Ohio Education Report Card.

Dave King

Re-Elect Dave King

For Olentangy Local Schools

Dave King - Supporting Continued Excellence In Our Schools